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The Complete Compliance Management Solution

Build solid foundations to engage in streamlining and lean effciency practices through a simple to use integrated and modular platform.

Compliance Transformation
Our Team Work Tirelessly To Ensure Your Success

Its great having a solution with everything you will need, but the key is getting that solution working in your environment. Our team are experts in understand individual client needs and working to achieve these goals.

We are only happy when your expectations have been exceeded!

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The World’s Leading Compliance Management Solution


  • Increase Compliance

  • Faster Internal Communications

  • Ensure Processes are Followed

  • Demonstratable Compliance

  • Automate Documentation for Reporting

  • Service Clients Better

  • Remove Unnecessary Administration

  • Apply Leaner Processes

  • Have More Control & Oversight

  • Reduce Workplace Stress

What it Means to be a CGA Client

At CGA Technology we are proud of every aspect of our company. We work hard independently to build great things together as a team. Our clients know that we give them both an excellent product and service to ensure their success. We want to work with you, we want your company to be leaner, faster, and more efficient with factual analytics to drive decision making. We want you to have what we have, what our clients have. A system they can trust.

We don’t believe in short-term thinking, it is all big picture and blue oceans because our greatest asset is our clients. They are the ones who support us to do great things and in return, we transfer knowledge and assist in any way we can to ensure they have a solid compliance platform to enable them to achieve their goals and potential.

So while you are looking to bring change to your organisation, ask yourself, is this a system that meets my needs? is this a company I trust? and most of all do they have my interest at heart?

I assure you, we do.


  • Quarterly Account Management Calls

  • Best in practice Security

  • Rapid Deployment Techniques

  • Skilled Implementation Team

  • Excellent Support

  • Suggestion Portal Access

  • Best in class SLA’s


  • Quarterly Releases

  • Native Mobile Applications

  • Alerts & Notifications

  • API’s

  • Single Sign On

  • Multi-Lingual Deployment

  • Simplified User Interface


“Information is crucial in ensuring the best decisions are being made on a site and company-wide level. Flex has helped us communicate better, in real time and produce clear analytics to demonstrate how we can improve as a company. Within a few clicks I can find the data I need from remote locations and I am notified when something important happens such as an incident being recorded.”

Tom Prendergast | Suir Engineering

CGA Technology

“Flex has given me the power and control to clearly view and understand what is happening in my company at all times. Using this information we have bee able to increase our service standards and cut costs through more efficient work practices.”

Sylvester Neylon | Managing Director

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The Leading Integrated Solution to Manage Staff/Assets/Facilities/Contractors & Compliance

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