In- House System Development

At CGA Technology we take clients feedback into account on all our quarterly release cycles to ensure we are keeping pace with industry changes, innovative technologies and modern best practice. Our team of skilled software developers navigate through multiple languages and disciplines to ensure that the performance, functionality and usability of the system is always the best it can be.

Expert Support Agents

The support team are the front line to assist with any client queries. We use our own Flex Management solution to manage client tickets (submitted by emailing and they send the necessary responses out to clients and other internal teams.

Application development

Our mobile developers work across both the Android and iOS platform to build apps in native languages thereby ensure that the best features from the operating systems are used to streamline processes. The team are constantly developing to keep up with market trends and new operational features are taken advantage of as well as ensuring security and keeping up with the system advancements.

Experienced Technical Experts

This group are comprised of industry experts which assist in setting up the architecture of the products and ensuring they are still in date for the relevant environments. They come from diverse backgrounds and often assist directly with client setup queries.

Security, Server & R&D

At CGA we host 98% of our clients systems and this means that we have a dedicated team to ensure that security patching and server based programs are updated when required. All our team undergo rigorous security training from a development perspective and we encourage new thoughts to bring innovation in both hardware and software from all team members. There’s no such thing as a bad idea!

Client Managers

Your best friend! As a client your account manager is the most important Flex contact you have, this is the guy or gal who gets things done, no mountain is too high no valley too low, ask and they will do their utmost to make it happen!