NFC active read and write on iOS devices would allow the Flex Manager solution to be 100% effective on the iOS platform and increase the opportunity for gathering data on the ground. This is an eagerly awaited announcement and our technical team are already building the required structure to adopt this as soon as possible from the release date…. watch this space!

It’s June again which means another Apple WWDC event, where they announce changes to their software products. Over the last several years Apple has been increasing NFC functionality in the iPhone. We have blogged about this several times in the past, as Apple’s adoption of NFC has been instrumental to the awareness and growth of NFC and Connected Things. Apple started with support for NFC-based payments for Apple Pay, and each year the functionality expanded including recent support for reading NFC tags without an app. This year Apple is again expanding NFC capability with iOS 13. The details of this will come out throughout this week as the WWDC sessions unfold; the primary session is on Friday. We will update this post with the latest information, so check back later in the week.

Previously NFC on the iPhone had several restrictions:

These restrictions had several negative effects on the usage of NFC with the iPhone; which constrained the growth of Connected Things. Here’s why:

As Apple began to add more NFC functionality to the iPhone, the NFC and Connected Things market has seen accelerated growth in tandem.

Apple is expanding NFC functionality even more with iOS 13. In the keynote two people were shown exchanging music via NFC by touching their phones together. Google and Samsung showcased this years ago with Android Beam; something that has recently been removed and we lauded. Funny it’s now back with Apple. Also, the attendee credentials to WWDC used NFC for tickets on the iPhone; previous years a barcode was used. This shows Apple’s commitment to using NFC across their product ecosystem as a baseline technology.

Here is what we know Apple is adding to iOS 13 for NFC. We will update this as information comes in.

Here is what we know is not supported and/or not being added:

There are still many open questions with this and in many ways the devil is in the details.

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