Flex Manager


Flex Manager applications enable data to be gathered and transmitted to the field thereby increasing employee effectiveness and communication within a company.

This feature-rich app is designed to be simple to use and uses modern best practice coding to ensure that this is the most lightweight, data and battery considered enterprise application on the market.

Key Features:

Image/Video cleanup – images and video files made within the flex app are removed from the device once uploaded to the online system

NFC Technology – Provide quick access to views such as asset profile OR is used as a location tag.

GPS – Last known location at the time of completion of an action.

File Links – Files are not downloaded to the device unless specified thereby reducing the storage capacity required.

Info View – All relevant information will be available on the device i.e. training expiry details on the device – Link to the certificate if download required.

Support info – Flex Manager leaves a log of 7 days of sync activity related to Flex Manager ONLY, no other information outside of Flex manager and the integral device ID data is transmitted to the Flex system.

Remote wipe – Each device has a unique ID, from the online portal you can send a message to a lost, stolen or inactive device to remotely wipe all data on the device and lock it out of the system on the next interaction with the server.

Error reporting – Any failures are automatically notified to the Flex team of that application for them to work out any bugs.

Key Platform Differences:

As the apps are completely separate code bases (native applications) using different coding languages and tools, there are some minor differences which can occur. Our teams work diligently to collaborate on the development of new features and to ensure we get everything as consistent and simple as possible. We are always happy to get feedback on differences or ideas, to do so contact support@cgatechnology.com