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Northern Ireland : Workplace accidents increase by 30 per cent in a year

The number of workplace deaths in Northern Ireland has risen by more than 30 per cent in the past year, it has emerged. Investigators at the Health and Safety Executive (HSENI) confirmed that 16 people were killed doing their job during 2016/17 compared with 12 the previous year. Farming related acc [...]

Safety Alert – Passenger Lifts marked with number CE490 installed by Ellickson Engineering Ltd

The Health and Safety Authority (The Authority) has been made aware of passenger lifts installed by Ellickson Engineering Ltd (no longer trading; currently in receivership since 2011) that are marked with the following “CE490” as the identification for the notified body involved in the conformity as [...]

Workplace Accident Statistics – Twenty people killed in farm accidents last year

Health and Safety report shows 45 people died in workplace incidents in 2016 Twenty people were killed in accidents on Irish farms last year, more than double the number of workplace fatalities in any other sector. The number of workplace fatalities in the agricultural sector is up from 18 recorded [...]

IBM world-record breakthrough lets us hold 330TB in the palm of our hand

As we strive to find ways to store vast amounts of data into smaller and smaller spaces, IBM has just managed to put 330TB into the palm of our hand. In collaboration with Sony Storage Media Solutions, IBM has managed to create a tiny storage cartridge with 330TB of capacity. To do so, it used one o [...]

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National Broadband Plan could bring 2,600 jobs to rural Ireland

Universal rural broadband connectivity in Ireland would generate 2,600 new direct and indirect jobs, Engineers Ireland has claimed. In its latest report – ‘The State of Ireland 2017 – A Review of Infrastructure in Ireland’ – Engineers Ireland also calls on the Irish Government to establish a single [...]

UK Contruction Industry Baramoter May 2017

The latest UK Construction Market Barometer was published in May 2017. The survey covers areas such as changes in marketing spend levels, marketing recruitment, sales in previous 6 months and forecast for next 6 months. The barometer has been published on a regular basis since 2008 and is run in ass [...]

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Ireland : ‘Farmers need more help with difficult jobs to reduce farm accidents’

Farmers seeking more help for difficult jobs on the land may be key to reducing the numbers of accidents and deaths in the country’s most dangerous workplaces, experts have warned. The often solitary profession has seen 138 people killed in farm accidents over the past seven years – this makes farmi [...]

New Apps – Documents / Risk Assessments / Orientations

CGA Technology are proud to announce the addition of 3 new applications to our android collection on the 29th of April. Please see the below information on each one to see how it could help your business. For extended licencing information please contact If you encounter any [...]

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Rescue 116: Search for Irish Coast Guard flight recorder gets underway

One of the recorders from the missing Coast Guard helicopter has been located 40m deep in the sea. As today’s search for the three missing crew members from the helicopter – Mark Duffy, Paul Ormsby and Ciarán Smith – gets underway, the search for the recorder will also be part of today’s plan. Jurge [...]

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