What’s New
Version History
Sep 5, 2018 Version 1.181
– Modal window introduced to display which items are being synced and the result.

– Search functionality added to documents module.

– Automatically push up inspections/maintenance after supervisor sign off.

– Tasks category overview added.

– Automatically preselect a category within Audits -> Corrective action, if setting exists on system.

– Indicator on Audit menu, when section is completed.

– Barcode ID can now be entered on Project creation.

– When there is an inspection question fail, and the setting for mandatory comments is active, highlight the comment which is empty.

– Allow equipment search by sublocation NFC tag, within Equipment Register module.

– Ability to turn on and off flash when taking a picture within the app.

– Incident report statuses now to match settings on system.

– Incident date automatically set to now on creation, this can be overwritten.

– When registering an asset, the asset ID can now only be entered when the system setting for ‘Auto Asset ID’ is set to OFF.

– Inspections/maintenance list refreshed after completing action.

– Toolbar removed on asset home screen when viewing within an inspection or maintenance.

– Inactive companies no longer shown within Subcontractors employees module.

– Unassigned tasks list now permissioned off.

– Incident report task’s source bug fix.

– UI Updates.