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Publisher – Steven Battersby – Commerical Manager, CGA Technology

Flex Manager 5.7Flex Manager 5.7

The team are excited to bring a host of new features to the Flex platform, over 75% of this release is generated by client feedback through our suggestion process so please keep them coming in. You can locate the suggestion request form in your SOS manual.

This release brings us ahead of schedule in our 2019 development plan and we will be planning to utilise this extra time towards some of our newer progressive technology development.

For any queries contact

Steven Battersby, CGA Technology

Online System

Server – Flex – 5.7 Changes
23-January – WO – Created by – Pie Chart
Award Summary Log
23-January – View by full employee list
24-January – Office hours only mail delivery restrictions – ability to set open hours dates and times. No notifications will fire outside of these times.
Document Library
05-February – Disable most views and recent updates for externals. Increase security on URL’s
23-January – Attendance – colour control on background of employee / contractor and visitor numbers
Employee Profile
23-January – On Edit Screen – Multiple updates to details styling to create consistency
24-January – CV – Settings to include / remove sections in the auto generate system CV
24-January – Ability to sign employee signature via webportal
Equipment Register
23-January – New EQU Tabs: Training Required / Risk Assessments
Inspection Certificate
24-January – Back Button added in admin settings

Equipment Maintenance
05-February – Ability to manually input time for work during maintenance – This is a precursor to gather info to potentially increase future reporting capability.
Incident Reporting
23-January – Custom Incident Settings – Warning Text -“When set to yes, the selecting employees from all projects setting is restricted”
23-January – Update to “button” styling for customisable sections. Increase style conformity.
Lessons Learnt
14-February – Ability to add pictures
Policies & Procedures
05-February – Extension of policies and procedures module to be acknowledged by contractors by contractor type.
%PROJECT% Profile
24-January – New notifications – Reactivated / Archived
24-January – Employee details – Supplier Employees – list, links and export option
Scheduled Reporting
24-January – Time-off report – additional look back search parameter added
Risk Register
02-January – A Risk Assessment can now be directly linked to stock items on your Flex system
23-January – Light orange Framing of sections to assist in readability.
23-January – Likelihood and consequence customisable dropdowns restricted to keep content within page boundaries.
23-January – Filters added to select lists for better usability
23-January – **Bug Fix – Reference Doc upload amended
Behaviour Observation
23-January – Multiple style updates for assisted functionality and visual conformity
Subcontractor Details
02-January – GPS Location – New function to allow Sub-Contractors to view the GPS location of projects / sites they have permissions on. This will be in the form of a button beside each assigned project linking to its GPS location
Subcontractor Safety
23-January – Control Details – Notification when document rejected
Stock Management
05-February – Display unit of measurement on stock overview screen
Supplier Manager
18-December – Sub-Contractor Supervisor can now schedule and send Online Orientations to other Sub-Contractor employees from his/her own Sub-Contractor login account
23-January – Location History Tab – Address field added
24-January – Ability to control whether a supplier type is party to controls or not
Time & Attendance
23-January – Summary (Contractor & Employee) Export reviewed and amended to process more efficiently
Time-Off Manager
05-February – Style review and updates where required for conformity
14-February – Progress bar for online orientations media
User Management
05-February – New separation in permission manager of view / write permission for audits
Workplace Inspections
24-January – Complete Summary – View extra details on corrective actions such as question reference
Weekly Stats
24-January – New Automated Fields – Toolbox Talks – Subdivided by internal & external
Job Manager
23-January – Linked Tasks – Additional info carried into the description automatically


iOS 1.186

  • 12-December: At least one operation must be added to a Maintenance before submitting.
  • An inspection cannot be started on the app if no questions exist. – Bug fixes.
  • 17-December: Bug fixes
  • 14-January:
  • Task Category Overview UI Change.
  • Setting verify with NFC for Inspections.
  • Setting verify with NFC for Maintenance.
  • New Menus design.
  • General UI updates.
  • Setting to bypass permission check for reporting Incidents.
  • Ability to manually add time to maintenance.
  • Right menu added to Project Profile with actions to upload a project logo, master picture or update the project location. – Environmental Audits Module Added.
  • Secondary permission added for reading Audits.
  • Differential Sync updates.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Email Notifications will now launch app on the appropriate screen.


09-January – Saving equipment pictures to file system. Fix to memory problems on long list.

  • Verify with NFC inspection / maintenance
  • Various Style changes through icons and back menu displays
  • Time and Attendance overview screen
  • Update to log in screen to demonstrate the difference between login and system connect
  • Android – Log out of App – Bring to log in screen
  • On device when selecting an inspection from the list, if no master questions exist, do not let them progress to inspection screen
  • In maintenance, on SUBMIT, check at least one operation has been created
  • Task Category overview Layout changes to new style
  • Style changes to headers throughout application i.e. employee profile
  • Equipment Profile – Count items in rendered list
  • Incident Reporting: bypass permission check for incident write if parent work order’s new option is set to true
  • TA – Scan card check – reduce clickable area
  • Search by employee number
  • Sub employee list view – display number of list items
  • Project list – updated style
  • Capture Time Manually On Maintenance
  • Employee list – Style update
  • Sub employee list – Style update
  • Contractor list – Style update
  • Equipment List list – Style update
  • Decommission text – colour change for clarity
  • Asset Register Search – Keyword update – Project & Location
  • Project – Map update
  • **NEW** Environmental Audits App
  • Menu Design – Style Updates
  • Employee Observation – Style update
  • Email notifications – Link to items in app
    • Audits
    • Inspections
    • Maintenance
    • Toolbox
    • Environmental Audits
    • Training Courses
    • Orientation
    • Workplace Inspection / no scheduled supported on app 
    • DSE / no scheduled supported on app 
    • Tasks
  • Audits – Styling merge between iOS / Android
  • Audits – Read – Additional Permissions