Training provides the staff with the skills and knowledge required to implement and deliver safe work practices and quality services. Training is a key element in your safety management system, which must be monitored and evaluated to ensure continuous improvement. By investing in training you ensure compliance and it also shows you value employees’ safety and work.

It is important to take some considerations before you choose the right and most effective procedure for your company.

Line Managers

Must undertake a training needs assessment for their employees based on the risk assessments, policy requirements, job tasks, and a review of accidents and near misses to identify the most suitable form of training. A training matrix needs to be developed to support the training needs assessment process.

CGA Technology brings an overview to managers of upcoming expire certifications and the training records of their personnel, avoiding misunderstandings or lose paperwork, as all the information is held in one single point of truth.

Training Needs Assessment

It is relevant to the schedule of training and ensures that employees attend training or refresh training where necessary. Identifying areas for further training or renew certificates as appropriate.

Flex Manager re-schedule automatically new training when the certificate is about to expire. Also, the platform sends notifications to the interested parties as a gentle reminder a few days before the expiry date. The idea with this is to keep everything on track.

Training Records

It is necessary to put a method in place for the recording and maintenance of all training in accordance with legislative requirements. Training records must be available for inspection at any time.

Some industries are more rigorous than others, but the main objective when we talk about training programs is to obtain easy access to information. For example: if someone takes their annual leave, the information still available for the rest of the company and the records are displayed in each employee profile.

Employee Responsibilities

Under Section 13 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, employees must bring training needs to the attention of their managers and attend any training deemed necessary by the employer to ensure their safety, health and welfare at work.

A plan in place will save time and money when the team is classified by user groups the company knows which type of training they need to receive. With Flex Manager, employees have their user groups, each user group can set up numerous training. The same dynamic is applied to subcontractors for inductions, orientations and mandatory training.

On some occasions, it is easy to say everything that needs to be done but the real question is how could you do it efficiently? CGA Technology simplified this process by allowing online training through Flex Manager, this training can be for your employees and for all the subcontractor’s force.

Flex Manager allows using of PowerPoint presentations and videos after is completed the system generates a PDF certification. Flex uses the smartest technology to verify the person’s identity during the online training, in that way companies guaranty the information has been given to the right person.

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