We live in a very fast-paced world, and almost everything under the sky is becoming digital, which means that everything is changing radically, easier to use and way more efficient. The benefits of compliance and safety software far surpass the costs. They are a proven and profitable medium and long-term strategy for many companies.

For years now we have been seen a push for companies to use technology to become entire paperless operations. According to Xerox study, 80 percent of companies want to create paperless processes and workflows. The time is now, otherwise, companies will stay behind.

Let’s delve into the benefits of moving away from the paper-based system to Centralized Compliance-Safety software.

Instant Access to information

Now that almost everything is at a click away, why should our procedures be any different? Paper-based inspections, orientations, and inductions are harder to access at any time of day and to search the historical records as opposed to modern software which is accessible from any part of the globe (cross locations data transfer), day and night, 24/7. Additional to this is the waste of time, 20% of the time of your employees is waste searching for information.

Storage Cost

The storage cost for a Centralized Management System is lower than paper-based systems only because the entire logistic and bureaucratic processes are handled more effectively, making everything cheaper and more reliable in the process. As you can say, a centralized system is cheaper than the worst employee.

Ability to “Closed- Loop” on Actions

Closing the loop assures that a system or a process performs within controlled limits. This process can best be described as the most effective way of planning and monitoring in order to assure that the desired outputs are obtained. While this is also possible in a paper-based system, the right software comes with more benefits and it’s easier to manage, considering that the amount of actions needed to achieve the desired results is reduced. Reducing the number of actions leads to reducing the chances of mistakes appearing throughout the entire closed-loop process.

A Centralized Management System has a high capacity of being customized for the client’s needs, offering the ability to “close the loop” on action/departments and a wide variety of other features which are, most of the time, easier to use than the classic paper-based system. Clients can receive notifications and alerts when the process is failing at some stage or in case the procedure needs to be verified. Those steps can be as simple or complex as your company wants them to configure.

Standardization across Locations

Standardization across locations is one of the most significant problems encountered in any industry. It’s an extensive type of work, and you need that special type of efficient employee who enjoys checking out all the little details to perfection. It requires a lot of hours and attention, and it’s one of the areas where mistakes are most likely to appear. Frequently, large firms rely on one person per location to execute those functions, if that person leaves the company’s information will be gone with them.

By using a Centralized Management System, anyone can quickly check in real-time if the standardization of the inspection or orientation (for example) across various locations is being met. Unfortunately, this is something the old pen and paper can’t do!

Data Transparency

When it comes to this line of work, facility compliance audits, safety reviews, hazard assessments, inspection processes and anything in between; transparency is critical. It’s one of the first things somebody looks at, at the beginning of a proposal, collaboration or before signing a contract. Everyone transparently wants the facts and figures, accessible at any moment without any make-up, just features that can be reliable and updated.

Reports and Analytics

When your boss asks you for a report or presentation for the high-level committee to measure performance. It can be tricky to pull out the numbers that are paper-based, it’s why the information in real-time becomes essential for a better performance of any decision-making process and the visibility of the areas that are screaming for attention.

Centralized Information

Paper-based varies the way it is archived by location and the way is managed by departments. What if someone tells you that one system can be interlinked from a personal task manager to Human Resources, online training, training records, attendance, inspections, audits, and risk assessments. All that across locations, sounds too good right? It can be better, all those areas with access to Schedule reporting to track everything you are looking for.

Going Green

By reducing waste and refining processes it all impacts the level of resources required to successfully operate. Remove the need for consumables such as paper and pen, printed booklets etc. and capture information more efficiently through mobile devices.


After reading this article it seems very clear the next step for your company is to take a look a how you can maximise efficiency for the benefit of you’r operations through modern technology. If you would like to know more, don’t be shy and email us at sales@cgatechnology.com