At this stage, you know how specific our releases notes can be, and therefore at the end of this year, we wanted to keep it short and sweet. Please find below the highlights of an outstanding 2019:


              164.612 Ping Backs                                                             7.137 Locations

               57.120 Tasks                                                             119.206 Active Users

 1.042 Development Projects


New FLRA Flex module – Floor Level Risk Assessments          

Carrying out risk assessments and safety statements will not prevent accidents and ill-health, but they will play a crucial part in reducing their likelihood. Now, everyone in the company can access and add records at the same time, allowing transparency and promoting workplace responsibility. The system aligns the likelihood of risk with the impact of the risk in each eventuality. FLRA module 2: a refurbishment on version one, redesigned the usability of this module.

This module ensures organizational compliance with the law, will save you money in the longer term and promotes a stable safety culture across the company.

Extension of the Permit to Work Module on Flex

Permit to work is a formal recorded process used to control the ability to work safely by identifying potential hazards in various workplace activities. Key features of the Permit to Work module on Flex include:

  • Clear identification of authorized personnel allowed to execute the work process and details the specific precautions associated with it.
  • Specifying the job elements that are considered potentially hazardous.
  • Standardizing the identification of these tasks, the risk assessments, the permitted task duration, and any supplement or simultaneous activities or control measures required to form safe systems of work.

In 2019, a Permit to Work module has been included in the Flex system.

Added Visitor Sign-in on the Flex System

It was important for our clients to know who is on-site, especially taking into consideration security measures for external visitors. This enabled our team to develop a sign-in feature on the system for visitor management. They log in and the system consolidates all their information; who they are visiting, which company they belong to and how long they were onsite. Automatic traceability of your visitors with Flex.

Emergency Evacuation 

For organizations of all sizes, it is necessary to take precautions to preserve employees’ safety. An emergency evacuation process must be in place so that all employees can familiarize themselves with every step of the process so that it can be executed quickly and safely in case of an emergency.

Flex simplifies the evacuation process digitally and promotes visibility for all aspects and for employee safety during any evacuation. The module allows the supervisor to electronically trigger evacuations though Flex and it allows fire wardens to safely evacuate the location(s) involved and mark all evacuees safe.

Integration with iOT Suppliers

Flex developers built a list of API’s and integrations with systems such as Brivo for the management of access and egress on buildings/sites/locations. The units work over a Wi-Fi or GSM network as well as physical network which allows the complete flexible solution for access control, time and attendance, and emergency evacuation. We make the information flow effectively throughout your company.