We use Flex on our all compliance records, FEMA standards, Integrated Management System, Department of Agriculture, regular independent audits. It is all part of a paper trail which we have reduced thanks to Flex

Keith McGrath - Sales Director, McGraths Cong

The main reason we went with Flex is that we wanted tie a number of systems together in a single application that was user friendly for our teams.

Nicky Mulchrone - Health & Safety Manager, McGraths Cong

With Flex Management we went from soft copies to tablets so now we can upload traffic management plans, trainign records and other paperwork. It has been a big benefit to us onsite.

Michael McGrath - Road Crew Supervisor, McGraths Cong

About McGraths Cong

McGraths Cong have a diverse business. The company quarry, process, deliver and construct as well as building international selling chemical bonding products that utilise shipping and other logistics.

They have numerous teams who work with multiple compliance standards, large machinery and a variety of materials across a multitude of locations. Their challenge was to find a solution that would work well in the field for the their road crews, haulage drivers and other general operatives as well as at a higher level for managers and administration staff.

They utilise a range of off-the-shelf modules which have been tailored to suit their needs through settings, and provides them with methods of capturing, storing and reporting on information. Since the implementation of Flex Manager in McGraths, they have been able to utilise the tools to assist in administrative management to quickly and clearly prove supporting information for their systems. This means they can focus their time and energy on other areas of the business and increase communication and collaboration throughout the company.

  • ISO Standards

  • FEMA Standards

  • Concrete

  • Stone

  • Road Surfacing

  • Agriculture