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The Leading Integrated Solution to Manage Staff/Assets/Facilities/Contractors & Compliance

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Our Clients Say

“This software tool is significantly assisting us in managing large-scale projects on a global level. It is simple, highly customisable and the mobile aspect allows my team to be more productive on the field. The guys are great to work with and have helped us every step along the way.”

Fergal Kelly | BAM International

“Information is crucial in ensuring the best decisions are being made on a site and company-wide level. Flex has helped us communicate better, in real time and produce clear analytics to demonstrate how we can improve as a company. Within a few clicks I can find the data I need from remote locations and I am notified when something important happens such as an incident being recorded.”

Tom Prendergast | Suir Engineering

“I am 100% confident in our operations due to the clarity that flex provides, it has enabled our team to optimise our resources, remain audit ready at all times and gives us the data and time to concentrate on areas to improve. We are still rolling out into new areas within the flex system which will add value to our work.”

Pat Sheehan | Technical Services Manager, Mater Private Cork

“Flex has given me the power and control to clearly view and understand what is happening in my company at all times. Using this information we have been able to increase our service standards and cut costs through more efficient work practices. I sleep easy at night knowing that our flex system is continuously working for us.”

Sylvestor Neylon | Managing Director, Neylons Facility Management