We know the average day is filled with wasted time handling paper, paper, and more paper. 
Not to mention the frustration of documents getting lost, damaged, forgotten or just not completed at all.
We feel your pain, and that’s why we think you’ll love Flex Paperless Management Solutions.
Companies like yours are seeing these benefits by going paperless:
  • mobile app for workers to efficiently view
  • complete and sign off audits/inspections/maintenance and many other documents offline!!
  • Web access to easily monitor safety activity online with real-time dashboards
  • Save time each day with improved efficiencies and ensure consistency through process-driven activities
  • Track & get notified of events that you need to know about
  • 1 place to manage all compliance related information
  • Simple to use apps on iOS and Android as well a web-based interface
  • Reporting & Analytics

and many more features, have a demo and see!

Fill out our contact from HERE and join the growing trend of organisations in your industry who are switching to digital records management and are loving the benefits. 
Flex Manager, iOS

How to log into Flex Manager on iOS devices