Periodically checking, calibrating cleaning and maintaining equipment increases an asset’s life span, making it more reliable. These scheduled tasks also reduce downtime, directly impacting overall productivity and company profitability.
Preventative or Reactive, the Maintenance module is an effective way of protecting your assets’ compliance and value, ensuring they continue to return value, building comprehensive history of every operation on the asset throughout its lifecycle.

Permit to Work

With all the same usability and features of inspections, this is a critical tool in asset management and requires little to no training for in the field users to start generating digital records.

Planned Maintenance

Convert your paper or excel based operations to digital format with ease and schedule your maintenance based on the asset category setup.

Unplanned Maintenance

Create templates for unscheduled maintenance activities to be done when required. Instances such as pre use checks, return checks etc. can easily be designed in electronic forms.

AD-HOC Maintenance

Automatically create a maintenance operation list based on inspection failures. View failure data and media to provide clear communication on the exact reason for the issue or fault.