Track consumables in a variety of different methods with integrated links to a multitude of modules.

PPE, spare parts, physical and non-physical goods can all be tracked from delivery, assignment and reordering. Electronic NFC functionality in applications allows for quick sign off and update of transfers in the field.

Gain clear oversight of your stock through notifications, automated reporting and analytical features to ensure that your stores never run dry of essential items.

Permit to Work

Stock Manager

Check stock levels, make transactions, delivery dockets, transfer materials and add to stock.

Issue Stock

Issue stock to an employee by selecting the item and quantity. The system will require a digital signature to approve this transaction.

Stock Take

Pending transactions are easily identified by using this module. Double-check stock completed stock takes and add supporting material.

Location Settings

Allows a stock overview of all the items per location. Adds on and reduces inventory levels. The product list displays the different types of products within the group.