Fight Paperwork the Smart Way!

24-7 Access

Configure and demonstrate your real-time info to show what you need where and when you need it. Create as many Dashboards as you want and display on TV’s or computer screens

Reports & Alerts

Configure your reports using comprehensive filters and settings. Take advantage of the automated action points and tailor your message and receive in app notifications of outstanding actions.

Cross Locations

Geographic locations are no longer an issue. Flex Manager is accessible from anywhere via an internet connection and the mobile devices work offline and sync back when in connectivity.


Talk to our support team or make use of use of online user guide available through the system. We have automated training packages built in, access to video content and a mail alert system to guide you through over time.


At CGA we work hard so our clients don’t have to. We keep our finger on the pulse of technology to bring solutions to our clients and industries such as NFC based electronic tagging of assets and employees.


There are no more excuses at this point, mobile is here and it’s not going anywhere. We have developed Android and iOS applications to assist in generating ground level info straight to your system with minimal effort.

  • Reduce Overheads

  • Gain Insight Company Wide

  • Increase Accountability

  • 24 / 7 Availability

  • Secure Data Management

  • iOS ready

  • Android Ready

Each investment must be carefully managed to ensure a positive return over its lifecycle.

Using a comprehensive solution such as flex, all the required tools are readily available to ensure maximum benefit from your facilities and assets


Flex Manager brings a unique approach to managing assets through a mix of the online system, mobile capability and NFC electronic tagging. No matter what industry, scale or asset type this highly comprehensive module will provide you with the structure to manage your assets with ease. Create inventory checks, document management, link to stock, inspections, maintenance, work orders, SDS library, Risk Assessments and training. This is an integral part of any business with an investment in assets of any kind.

Create customised inspection templates using 9 different question types, a range of comprehensive features to generate a schedule based on the type of asset. Complete inspections easily from the mobile applications using the applications and capture details such as time taken, GPS at time of completion, images and any failures can be set to automatically generate maintenance or corrective action procedures. Get in-depth reporting on common failures and actions as well as clear notifications to assist in management.

Ensure the investment in your assets is being kept in safe hands through pro-active preventative maintenance procedures. Link with the stock manager module to get reporting on common parts usage and build up a complete history on the asset profile of to generate a lifetime report leading to better information for key asset management decisions.

Manage your inventory, assign stock to locations, clients, assets, employees and track usage over time. There are a host of features such as purchase and sell rates, UID’s, max/min amounts, lead time, barcode links etc. that enable stock to be tracked, managed and reported on effectively. Using the applications you can effectively gather information at the source, reducing the room for error.

Capture actions to completion from a range of different modules such as the Helpdesk, Incident Report, Risk Assessments, Assets, Audits and Purchase Orders. This module has a host of in-depth features and expansive reporting options enabling the capture and notification of information and customisable process flows. This is a must-have module for any business.