The below modules are the minimum standard for Flex Manager solution and are implemented with all solution types.

We build your data on strong foundations to ensure that you get what you need from a trusted, powerful and stable platform.


Visual overviews of data compiled on your database. dive into detail and find all the information you need to assist in the management of your business.

Manage your clients / locations / facilities / shops with ease, combine all site related info on a single page and use this to effectively access data with the minimum amount of effort.

Customise key elements of the system to build your corporate branding into the system, organise module menus define high-level settings and allow your corporate branding to filter through the system, reports, notifications and even applications.

Control automated messages and notified parties with ease. Customise messages to ensure the correct details and corporate ethos is communicated and ensure that your workflows are customised to suit your reporting structure

The mobile applications are designed to gather info at the source and communicate this up through predefined workflows enabling the capture of integral data for business management and compliance. The applications work as seamlessly with the system to ensure that data is managed and captured effectively based on the system administrators design. Work offline and send information the next time you have connectivity and use a host of smart features and technology such as NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, Image, Video etc. for more information see our applications page HERE