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The Environmental Incident module is a customisable report structure for your environmental team. By being completely independent from other incident types (Safety/Quality), your team can tailor the investigation and data recording process to your standards and requirements. In depth analytics allow for learning, understanding and future prevention while integration with other modules such as Helpdesk and Tasks ensuring that any investigative outcomes are actioned to completion. Use mobile applications to allow incidents to be recorded immediately and start your data capture process.

Question Types

– Investigation
– Review Process
– Notifications & Alerts
– Corrective Actions
– Reporting
– Customisable Sections

Sample Incident Types

– Spillage, leakage or uncontrolled discharge of general substance
– Spillage of special, hazardous or restricted substances
– Emission to air of gas, dust, fumes or other pollutants
– Pollution of water courses, surface water drains, foul water sewers
– Damage to archaeology, listed buildings, local heritage
– Contamination of land, flora, fauna
– Fire
– Explosion
– Natural Incident

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