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Keep up to date with what is happening in real-time. Allowing your team to react quickly, inform relevant parties through defined processes and standardise communications within your company. Exception reporting ensures that the most relevant items are highlighted to your team. Flex Manager is the key infrastructure to your compliance network, designed to be ever vigilant and ensure your operations stay on track.


Trigger alerts as events happen. Each module has multiple different event scenarios that can be customised with keywords, additional notified parties based on individual or group and decide by the means in which the communication is delivered.

Methods of Communication

Depending on the type of event, you may require different avenues of notification, for example; In a lone worker alert situation, you may need an immediate response and the best way of achieving this is by SMS. The options available are Internal SMS, Email, System Mail and “News Feed”. The mobile applications automatically use push notifications which can be controlled by the device settings.

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