Use the data from everyday actions to build up a comprehensive history for reporting. Configure the statistics through formulas to tailor them to your exact requirement without the need for any complicated systems or development charges.

In order to run a business successfully, it is critical to gain metrics that accurately reflect what is happening at ground level. In many cases, this data is changing hands multiple times due to the nature in which it is captured i.e. word, excel, independent systems, paper, MS access.

Companies are looking for solutions which minimise administrative burden and the interaction with data to ensure that the executive team have raw access to the key metrics for decision making with traceability on the validity of the data as each point of exchange is a potential source of failure or inaccuracy.

Using multiple elements of the Flex Manager toolset through our unique integrated platform structure your company can build a comprehensive, self-managing and relevant KPI register to assist in the day, week, month, quarter and annual tracking of operations for comprehensive analyses.