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Streamlining operations through electronic processes is a way of saving time and effort but when it comes to making real strategic change, every company requires legitimate data.
The scheduled reporting module is designed to accumulate large amounts of information, filter to the requirement of the receiver and send combined reports via email at set frequencies.

Combine multiple reports on a single mail or create multiple specified schedules so that relevant information is deployed to your team at the right time.
Reporting tools are critical for ongoing operations oversight and management to effectively plan resources, establish that processes are being followed and ensure standards are maintained.

Exception Reporting

Each module has specific reports set to pull from the relevant data sets and is designed to provide oversight on what that process entails. Whether you are looking to get full oversight of complete or upcoming actions or the longest outstanding, the reports are designed to filter to your needs.

Combined Reporting

Reports can have multiple levels of information feeding from different modules. This allows the end-user to see relevant information from different processes and give a clearer insight into ongoing actions.

Report Types

There are 3 report types: Location, Employee & External. This allows the user to set a report up based on the primary data set and configure further through to the module data filters.

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