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Make your data work for your company with statistic and graphic summaries of information. Use an assortment of diverse filters to decipher trends, benchmark departments / locations and export in graphic or raw data formats.

Business leaders live in a world of data capture, endless systems and constant emails. The Flex system works diligently to ensure that the ongoing operational data your team is capturing is reportable at an executive level to drive improvement and operational excellence in your business.

Using centralised compliance and operational management system your team can gain valuable insights into governing trends and see how multiple factors can influence operations in both a positive and negative way.

Through enhanced features such as a customisable statistical library with period comparison, your team can quickly identify trends and performance to ensure your resources are focused on the activities which allow the business to achieve the targeted goals.


Capture weekly and monthly location-specific data which feeds statistics up to management. Apply mathematical formulas to give relevance i.e. Incident frequency vs. site hours rather than static incident numbers. Or simply capture ongoing numerical values i.e. power usage, water usage etc.


  • Preset Reporting Structures
  • Multiple Filtering Options
  • Change Axis / Rotate Data
  • Raw Data Export Options
  • Controllable Timelines
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