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Policies and Procedures control the quality process in the workplace, but what controls the documents? The control, change management and versioning of documents in use is critical to ensuring the right information is pushed out to employees.

A dedicated process for the management of documents and content with automated logging, version control and customisable review stages ensures that the necessary steps are taken as per your document control policies which reduce administrative burden and increases effectiveness.

Ensure you maintain and audit ready record for your document control process with a simplified solution that connects your entire workforce.


Build a 2 tier library for document storage and approval. Upload reference information in multiple formats to provide a complete set of information for the review process.

Version Control

Create major and minor updates to ensure that the version properly reflects the change and required review.


Capture online signature for approval or send back for changes with comments. Customise the review stages to set the necessary flow for the document type.

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