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Reinforce safety basics through regular short meetings to focus on high-risk scenarios and inform workers about changes as working conditions change.
Don’t let the title fool you, this can be easily changed through the admin panel. We have seen clients in a wide range of industries implement safety meetings, scrums and other information talks to enable better communication between management and the onsite workers.


Call it what you will, this is a process to capture and standardise communications with employees and capture their attendance records. Have weather conditions changed? Is there new Equipment on a line? Ensure your staff are aware and your records are up to date.


The calendar brings quick access to all the talks scheduled and complete thereby simplifying access to information.
Digital signatures show staff have acknowledged the information presented and the record is retained on their profile.

Question Types

Build a central register of information to prompt those in the file delivering the talks on the key relevant information. This can then be proven as the discussion topic at the time and limits the company’s exposure to potential claims.

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