The initial moments surrounding an emergency event are crucial. You have a duty of care to your team and must have a reliable tool in the field to ensure that all personnel registered onsite are accounted for or supervisors are informed to mobilise rescue plans and operations. With in-depth analysis to investigate the response post-event of how your evacuation process performed, the Flex Emergency Evacuation module has all the features you need to meet your obligations.

Flex’s evacuation process allows central notification to all registered users about an emergency event. A real-time process which scans tags to identify workers that are in danger on-site which rapidly feeds information to the oversight dashboard allowing remote parties to clearly see the progress of the evacuation until all staff and contractors are determined to be safe.

Emergency Information

Get the relevant information when you need it, public / private medical information, contact numbers.

Alerts / Notifications

Trigger the alarm from the online system, mobile app or use an IOT device to trigger directly form the control board.

Scanning Tags

Scan employees and contractors using NFC cards to clearly show those still at risk and capture the scan time, location and supervisor for traceability.