Inductions / Orientations2021-10-05T15:15:18+00:00

Distribute orientations and inductions prior to internal or external staff arriving onsite. Customise the content on the E-Learning platform or mark attendance for location-based certification. Keep any relevant information such as slide decks or supporting material in a simple to access location and ensure your compliance through exception reporting.

Location Records

Gain location-based oversight on all induction activity and clearly so the areas that require focus to remain compliant.

Location Calendar

Use the visual calendar to quickly enable oversight for resource planning, single click interaction to scheduled courses and secondary click direct to staff profiles.

Overview Calendar

For global operations and resource planning use a combined calendar to see upcoming activities across locations to effectively manage and review activities.

Online Courses

Send out links through Flex Manager or have external companies use their unique link to create records on your system, thereby drastically reducing administrative time.

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