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Permit to work is a critical tool for companies to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently. Allow contractors to request permits, uniquely designed through Flex, tailer to need the demands of your organisation, taking into account areas such as PPE, Hazards, Training Review Processes and customised sections.

Permit to Work

The permit module makes relevant information instantly accessible across the company to ensure clear oversight of works to be carried. This allows management to prevent any overlap or potentially hazardous situations. Contractors can submit permits for review, cross-referencing useful data such as employee training records to ensure minimum compliance requirements are met.

Key Functions

  • Approval Process
  • Remote Access
  • Subcontractor Login
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Clone Permit
  • Simple Input
  • Adjustable Setup
  • Post Work Analysis

Permit Sections

  • Proposed Process
  • Supporting Documents
  • Employee Details
  • Training Required
  • PPE
  • Hazard Warnings
  • Asset Details
  • Review
  • Customisable Sections


  • Permits Registered
  • Permit By Type
  • High Vs. Low Risk Permits
  • # Issued By Contractor
  • Scheduled Reporting
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