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Reinforce safety principles and promote a positive safety culture through regular short meetings to focus on high-risk scenarios and inform workers about changes as working conditions change.
Don’t let the title fool you, this can be easily changed by your team. Clients in a wide range of industries implement safety meetings, scrums and other information talks to enable better communication between management and the on-site workers.

Manage all aspects of your suppliers from automated notifications of expiring documents, training, reviews, employees, online inductions, hours, tasks, maintenance and more from a single location. This robust module fully integrates with all other relevant Flex modules and applications to provide you with a single comprehensive contractor manager solution.


Capture and standardise communications with employees/contractors and capture their attendance records. Have weather conditions changed? Is there new Equipment on a line? Ensure your staff are aware and your records are up to date.


The calendar brings quick access to all the talks scheduled and completed, simplifying access to information.
Digital signatures show staff have acknowledged the information presented and the record is retained on their profile.

Talk Library

Build a central register of consistent information. Ensure those delivering talks have access to the key points and all employees get the same message at all times.

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