The Flex Manager E-Learning Platform is a robust infrastructure designed to assist in the rapid creation and deployment of training content throughout an organisation.
With a multitude of avenues to scheduling and notifying employees and contractors, your team will easily be able to disperse content to match your companies requirements.
The simple interface for upload and question creation means managers require little training to get up and running. This is an essential tool in any company to effectively manage and gain insight into training activity.

Set mandatory training based on employee roles to ensure your team have all the relevant knowledge for their position. View records where you need them with links to other internal modules to reduce administration time and mitigate risk through effective communication.


Online courses can be set up internally or for external employees. There are no limitations on the number of courses or the content added (videos material, PDF’s and corporate slides). Unique settings for each course enable customisation to suit the individual course.


Streamline data capture through the Flex Manager Apps. Complete the upcoming training courses in the field. Specify the result, certificate number, course content, questions, GPS location, timestamp and have attendees digitally to automatically update your central training register.