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Not only the track of statutory entitlement but also manage the other days off- sick days, leaves of absence and non paid time-off. Give your employees a portal to log time-off requests, capture all related documentation and allow a central approval process. This links with the Attendance module to ensure rosters are correct, key resources are available and managed effectively.

Request Overview

Every employee can request their annual leave without the need of a meeting. Through Flex, the supervisor receives an email to approve or decline the time-off requested. The request overview grants managers a user-friendly way to check the team’s time-off.

Entitlement Manager

Flex can be configured to take collective holidays for a group of people. Companies can decide to take fixed holidays at certain times of the year. Flex can automatically deduce collective days from every employee avoiding overpayment.

Time-Off Request

Every employee has access to see their own annual holidays. Every time a future vacation needs to be planned, they can request a holiday which will be deducted automatically from their total days available.

Location Manager 

Flex will display the calendar overview of the holidays that have been approved. Calendars are handy for managers to consider further approval to employees who could clash with the same time-off.


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