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Employers have a duty of care to all people on their premises, knowing who and where everyone is, is critical to that care. Capture visitor’s attendance on-site and display on a simple dashboard. This data can then be linked to different processes such as Access Control, Emergency Evacuation. Data entry can be done via the Flex Manager Kiosk which can also be set to ensure each site visitor has completed the induction prior to gaining access.

Manage all aspects of your suppliers from automated notifications of expiring documents, training, reviews, employees, online inductions, hours, tasks, maintenance and more from a single location. This robust module fully integrates with all other relevant Flex modules and applications to provide you with a single comprehensive contractor manager solution.

Summary Info

A daily summary of visitors on-site. This module displays time, personal details, company point of contact, arrival and departure time.

Induction / Orientation

The Flex Manager Kiosk can be used to induct visitors seamlessly prior to going on-site or provide online access to carry out courses before their arrival on location.

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