Why Your Data Is Important?

Are You Using Data Effectively? Nowadays, gathering data helps you to have a better understanding of your business. Capturing data is easy, the real challenge is how businesses transform data into actionable improvements. A Forbes article discusses a survey from Deloitte, noting that “49 percent of respondents said analytics helps them make better decisions, 16 […]

Labour & Profits in the UK construction Industry have recovered

Construction industry

Despite obstacles and restrictions since the beginning of the year, some companies have shown that it is possible to achieve success by tackling the obstacles head-on and in the right way.  Construction industry leaders have accepted the challenge and defied the predicted downturn that 2020 has posed to all organizations by effectively utilizing their efficient […]

COVID-19 The Unveiled Learning Opportunity


Academic research into the impact of post-Covid-19 working arrangements on construction sites has found that far from being diminished, productivity may actually have improved. Although total output on construction sites has been reduced by the constraints imposed by social distancing requirements, output per person appears – in some cases at least – to have gone […]

How to Choose the Right Software Solution?

In the past, companies either needed to develop an in-house software solution or hire a company to build it for them. Now, with so many services and platforms readily available, you can take care of virtually anything — communication, accounting, HR. But all those pros come with one glaring con: When there are countless options […]

How to set up a Health and Safety Software?

Using Flex Manager

Now more than ever, health and safety need to be the principal focus. Covid-19 has brought new regulations that have been updated regularly. Are you looking for some quick recommendations for setting up a health and safety software? OSHA has ten steps, and CGA Technology will tell you how to apply them: Establish safety and […]

Leave Entitlement during COVID-19

Coronavirus has had a massive influence on every aspect of our lives, from health regulations to economic struggle, political decisions and social impact. Coronavirus is an undeniable game-changer for businesses.  Lockdown restrictions have forced many people to work remotely. In other cases, temporary layoffs have had to be actioned. This has raised the need to […]

3 Daily actions to have a Resilient Mindset

Computer executive

Safety Leadership    Neil Pasricha, the NY Times bestselling author and TED speaker spoke to Safety 2020 attendees about positive psychology and how someone can build resilience during difficult times. Right now, we are recovering from a challenging period, this time is ideal to implement a different approach handling uncertainty. As team leaders, we are […]

Why invest in a Safety Management Software TODAY?


Nowadays, the world has forced us to be aware of the constant change around us and we have been forced to make radical changes in a shorter period of time in order to survive in the market. Besides the storm, this time should be used as an awakening. The last few months have brought adaptability […]

5 Reasons Why you Should Try a Safety Perception Survey

Companies that are at the top of their safety game obtain the best improvement information from their workers. Safety perception surveys are essential safety performance measurement tools. For more than 40 years renowned safety leaders such as Dan Petersen have advocated their use. Many times, Petersen has been quoted as saying, “there is no better […]

Concern as Workplace Fatalities Increase in 2019

Don’t wait to have an accident to take action, prevent accidents and ensure the safety of your team first. Plan ahead, have visibility of your operations, guaranty the procedures are followed. Set up the mindset of your company choosing the right partner. 2019’s stats speak for itself, showing that none industry is exempt to face […]