Communicating the targets for success is the simplest way to align your team with the corporate strategy. What actions do they undertake that contribute value to your operations? Each active module has a series of configurable widgets that auto-capture information and display it in a simple viewable [...]


E-Learning Platform

The Flex Manager E-Learning Platform is a robust infrastructure designed to assist in the rapid creation and deployment of training content throughout an organisation. With a multitude of avenues to scheduling and notifying employees and contractors, your team will easily be able to disperse content [...]

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Visitor Management

Capture visitor’s attendance onsite and display on a simple dashboard. This data can then be linked to different processes such as Access Control, Emergency Evacuation and data entry can be done via the Flex Manager Kiosk Device which also can be set to ensure each site visitor has completed the ind [...]

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Lessons Learnt

Mistakes are part of the growth process, but it is necessary to know how to identify them correctly. Lesson learnt is a module that will increase awareness of your operations within all departments by providing a structure for on the job knowledge to be recorded and available for others in the futur [...]

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Housekeeping is critical for a business to run efficiently. Create cleaning schedules, track tasks to completion and create reports for record collection. Typically used in medical or highly regulated environments such as clean rooms, this tool can be deployed by the facility owners or a management [...]


Performance Review

The Performance Review Module is an easy to use evaluation process. Employee types determine core competencies and job descriptions to enable company-wide adoption. The employee and supervisor both contribute to the review process in order to map out personalised goals and assess the employees' perf [...]

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Industry: Cleaning Locations: Galway Employees: 325+ Introduction: SSE has specialised knowledge and expertise in managing Cleanroom Environments. The experienced team is fully trained to ISO9001:2015 and ICEB international standards, bringing an optimum service. [...]


Sports Surgery Clinic

Industry: Healthcare Locations: Dublin Employees: 364+ Introduction: Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) is the leading private orthopedic hospital in Ireland with both a national and international reputation for orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. SSC is a centre of excellence in joint replacement (hip [...]

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