We want to explain how safety can be perceived in the market and how important is to change that general perception.

It shouldn’t take much convincing to agree that having a strong safe workplace is a good thing, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. The ideal way to see it is not as a short-term expense, but instead as a long-term investment. A none negotiable priority that can’t fall behind.

Employers who invested in occupational safety and health potentially avoided a fine 65 percent higher than the cost of compliance.

A few experts in the field, illustrate it as the courage to value safety.

It’s very easy to find gaps and compliance failures. But beyond that, it is difficult to find the benefits and the retribution of that investment. Sometimes, is not easy to see that an injury was prevented, an accident didn’t happen, and thousand euros were saved.

Let’s check a summary of the most relevant stats reported about this topic from numerous sources:

Calculating the total cost of work-related injuries goes well beyond medical expenses, also includes workers’ compensation, property losses, and legal fees. Just a serious to a company’s financial health and indirect costs such as loss of productivity, worker replacement, training, increased insurance premiums, OSHA fines and damage to a company’s reputation.

Any company or industry is not exempt, an example of this situation is a shipping company facing over five charges in 2020 after a 30-year-old man was pronounced dead after the investigation was carried out by the Health and Safety Authority. The company also faced a charge for failing to provide a system of work that was planned, performed, maintained and revised to be, so far, a reasonably practicable, without a risk.

The job is not just sending employees home safe every night, it is not about one single priority. Safety is much bigger than that, is to become the change agents for companies.

At CGA Technology, we want to simplify your job as we are aware of your responsibilities as a Health and Safety Officer, having the smartest technology we can keep you in control of your operations, identify the gaps and organize your execution from one single place.

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