Nowadays, the world has forced us to be aware of the constant change around us and we have been forced to make radical changes in a shorter period of time in order to survive in the market.

Besides the storm, this time should be used as an awakening. The last few months have brought adaptability and flexibility into the business equation but at the same time always seeking to achieve that highest standard in performance. 

Now more than ever we need to equip companies to tackle times of uncertainty by empowering the workforce and taking the businesses to the next level.

Our smart safety management software – FLEX, will allow you to find 7 ways to satisfy your business needs.

  • Consistency 

Every industry needs to define its processes and procedures, but the present is not enough, it is necessary to consider the past patterns and paths in order to impact positively daily operations. For example: It can be very difficult to identify the common gaps between different areas of the company without contact with each other. Flex can oversee the whole operation and will provide stats that will help you know what is going on at all times.

  • Efficiency

Spreadsheets are not enough, for one main reason, they are not updated in real-time. In order to keep up to the speed that the market is demanding today, you need a robust software that can be updated in real-time, providing agility.

  • Remote locations

Flex Manager captures data offline in the most remote locations, between different countries. In the last six months, we have seen that work can be done from everywhere, Flex can help you to measure the effectiveness of your employees no matter where they are receiving instant reviews and approvals.

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  • Streamline your data

Our smart compliance software will allow you to customize the platform, in that way all paper-based forms can be migrated to the platform allowing full track of your executions.

  • Compliance 

Flex can inform, train and notify your staff with new regulations guaranteeing that your business operates inside the law. The penalties for non-compliance are extensive at the moment, some of them can involve millions of euros. It is preferable to invest in compliance now rather than experience a huge disappointment arising from the penalties for non-compliance. 

  • Employees’ Confidence

Boost the confidence of your employees by showing how the company cares for their wellbeing and by removing unnecessary manual tasks that can take many hours, thus, affecting their productivity levels.

  • Save Money

Say goodbye to the legal consequences, expensive training programmes and paper waste, centralise your information and save something more valuable than money, your time.



Technology is not about the future anymore, Technology is involved in our day to day actions. A new era started a few months ago when we were obliged to stay at home. If we really want to make a statement in the industry, it is necessary to start by centralising our information and provide one single point of communication to all our workers. A simple, dynamic and powerful tool that allows everyone to streamline their operation. 

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