Can you save on the Management of Employees and External Providers?

Flex Manager is the smart integrated solution your team to easily deploy and drastically simplify the management of records, processes and automate reporting.

Master your Data with real-time data to provide insights into on the ground activities for informed decision making.

Ensure your practices are not leaving your company and directors exposed to legal action by deploying an efficient system for data capture and exception reporting.

The Workforce Modules are designed to seamlessly integrate and intuitively provide data where you require it to increase communication and efficiency.

A singular process to manage employee information. From required company docs to contracts and ongoing day to day activities. Enables clear control of employee data in a secure, permission-based location.

The Employee Profile module centralises data. It is a repository with all associated information for that employee on your Flex Manager solution. Gain quick and clear oversights on activities, work orders, and mandatory records. Whatever the need requires you are a simple search away from what you need.

  • Streamline Operations

  • Validate Compliance

  • Increase Efficiency 

Increase operational effectiveness through controlled process monitoring and data capture. Ensure your team is working together to generate in the field data which drives the crucial metrics for decision making for executive and board level.

  • Enhance Engagement

  • Promote Traceability

  • Paperless Procedures

Not only the track of statutory entitlement but also manage the other days off-sick days, leaves of absence, and non paid time-off. Give your employees a portal to log time-off requests, capture all related documentation, and allow a central approval process. This links with the Attendance module to ensure rosters are correct, key resources are available and managed effectively.

  • Active Engagement

  • Automatic Reports

  • Clear Oversight 

Have full control of who is onsite. Roster employees, create shift patterns, report hours, use mobile and fixed attendance devices, creating reports to monitor activity. There are a host of features and a flexible structure to allow the most complicated rules to be implemented. Flex can link with financial and payroll systems automatically or manually through import/export files.

  • Comprehensive Records

  • Multi Location

  • NFC Technology 

In the current business environment, it is common to outsource and consolidate activities through contracting in specialised and reinforcement staff. Your company bears significant responsibility for these contractors and through the use of a comprehensive system can significantly increase your ability to maintain control while reducing administrative overhead.

  • Reduce Admin Time

  • Quick Access to Documentation

  • Key Performance Metrics

Good feedback eliminates surprises. No one should be shocked when they sit down for their performance review. If they are, that means there’s a problem with the system of feedback in your company.

The performance Review module is easy to use evaluation process. Employee types determine core competencies and job descriptions to enable company-wide adoption.

  • Effective Workforce’s Management 

  • Improved Communications

  • Identify Patterns

Lone worker safeguards employees when travelling, working in remote locations or in isolated areas. Our app is quick-to-deploy and easy to use.

In order to ensure staff safety while working remotely, solutions have been developed to capture a notified “check-in” at specified intervals. If a check-in fails, the set up supervisors per location are then notified via SMS.

  • Mobile App

  • Alarms Trigger 

  • SMS