Housekeeping is critical for a business to run efficiently. Create cleaning schedules, track tasks to completion and create reports for record collection. Typically used in medical or highly regulated environments such as clean rooms, this tool can be deployed by the facility owners or a management [...]



This is a comprehensive view of any information related to the location (this is a customisable keyword to suit your terminology). From a managers perspective, this is the place to go to view all interactions on the system with this site, its employees and link to other modules. For example, you can [...]


Stock Management

Organized the stock and the different demands. Assigned cost for maintenance, providing real-time updates on current levels. Manage your inventory, assign stock to locations, clients, assets, employees and track usage over time. There are a host of features such as purchase and sale rates, UID's, ma [...]

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Increase productivity by 40%, multiple inspections can be configured to allow compliance monitoring, legal requirements, and company policies. Create customized inspection templates using 9 different question types, a range of comprehensive features to generate a schedule based on the type of asset. [...]



Ensure the investment in your assets is being kept in safe hands through pro-active preventative maintenance procedures. Link with the stock manager module to get reporting on common parts usage and build up a complete history on the asset profile to generate a lifetime report leading to better info [...]


Work Orders

Capture actions to completion from a range of different modules such as the Helpdesk, Incident Report, Risk Assessments, Assets, Audits, and Purchase Orders. This module has a host of in-depth features and expansive reporting options enabling the capture and notification of information and customiza [...]

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Asset Register

Flex Manager brings a unique approach to managing assets through a mix of the online system, mobile capability, and NFC electronic tagging. No matter what industry, scale or asset type this highly comprehensive module will provide you with the structure to manage your assets with ease. Create invent [...]

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