Communicating the targets for success is the simplest way to align your team with the corporate strategy. What actions do they undertake that contribute value to your operations? Each active module has a series of configurable widgets that auto-capture information and display it in a simple viewable [...]


Scheduled Reporting

Scheduled reports are ways of communicating large amounts of information based on current, past or upcoming timelines at a set frequency. Each module has a list of sample reports i.e. Upcoming Training / Completed Inspections / Active Tasks, which then can be filtered to locations, categories and fu [...]

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Action Tracking

Central to any operational and compliance solution is the ability to track work to completion. Using the Action Tracking module your team can feed information from a variety of different processes to give clear operational oversight of activities. Create in-depth reporting for your executive team to [...]

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Statistics & Analytics

The analytics section of the Flex Manager Solution provides in-depth access to your information in graphical representation. This allows you to mark out trends in your data and focus in on areas to improve. Flex is designed to maximise the capture of data from the ground in the simplest format, this [...]

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