Legal Register

The legal register allows a company to add new legislation, track whether it affects the company or not and create any actions if it does. This is a simple way to maintain standards and legal compliance through a paperless automated solution and by linking with teh corrective action module ensures t [...]

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Policies & SOP’s

Make your policies and procedures available based on the user group to all parties relevant. Send reminder notifications, control version and have employees sign off manually online. This ensures that information is available to those when they need it and there is a clear oversight on if people are [...]

Policies & SOP’s2021-01-07T17:05:29+00:00

Permit To Work

Permit to work is a critical tool for companies to ensure that work is done safely and efficiently. Allow contractors to create your permits designed through the administration side of the system taking into account areas such as PPE, Hazards, Required Training, Review Processes and customised secti [...]

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Safety Observations

In order to create a culture of safety awareness within an organisation, you need to empower your team to preemptively report positive and negative behaviour. This enables management to gain insight and quantifiable metric on the overall performance of the work team. This information can be used to [...]

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Chemical Library

Using chemicals for work is commonplace but unfortunately can have untold hazards on health. Each chemical has an SDS sheet provided or available form the supplier to ensure their safe use and it is mandatory to have this information readily available to the required staff members. Where Flex goes t [...]

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Risk Register

Identify hazards, level of risk and control measures to mitigate risk. Create risk templates through the admin panel, manage a central library and copy risk to be location or action specific. Use a host of tools and features enabling complicated risk assessment templates to be developed process, che [...]

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Audits & Inspections

Audits and Inspections can be carried out by using smart devices on-site. Keep evidence, track the process and document each step with this module. Create unique audits through the administration panel using a host of features, settings and question types. Schedule or create ad-hoc audits through mo [...]

Audits & Inspections2021-01-07T16:34:31+00:00

Injury Manager

Tracking injuries allows you to build a full picture of the impact on your business. By being able to clearly view and monitor the progress of employees who have suffered an injury or illness. Manage your employees back to wellness by having all important data stored in a single, easy to find and us [...]

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Incident Reporting

Create unique incident reports to capture all incident types exactly as you do currently i.e. Incident, Near Miss, Data Breach, Workplace Harassment. Provide access to all necessary employees through the online portal and application. Send notifications to user groups and interested parties with sum [...]

Incident Reporting2021-01-07T17:05:37+00:00
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