E-Learning Platform

The Flex Manager E-Learning Platform is a robust infrastructure designed to assist in the rapid creation and deployment of training content throughout an organisation. With a multitude of avenues to scheduling and notifying employees and contractors, your team will easily be able to disperse content [...]

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Performance Review

The Performance Review Module is an easy to use evaluation process. Employee types determine core competencies and job descriptions to enable company-wide adoption. The employee and supervisor both contribute to the review process in order to map out personalised goals and assess the employees' perf [...]

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Lone Working

Working in isolation brings extra risk to employees. In order to ensure staff safety while working remotely, solutions have been developed to ensure that the "check-in" at specified intervals. If a check-in fails then the set supervisors per location are then notified via SMS as to the employee in q [...]

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Time and Attendance

Have full control of your employee's working hours. Roster employees, create shift patterns, use mobile and fixed attendance devices and create reports to monitor activity. There are a host of features and a flexible structure to allow the most complicated rules to be implemented. Flex can link with [...]

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Time-Off Manager

Not only the track of statutory entitlement but also manage the other days off- sick days, leave of absence and non paid time-off. Give your employees access to log time-off requests, capture all related documentation and allow a central approval process. This links with the Attendance module to ens [...]

Time-Off Manager2021-01-13T10:50:12+00:00

Supplier Manager

Keep complete control of the operation in-house. Centralize, qualify and monitor a contingent workforce. Manage all aspects of your suppliers from automated notifications of expiring documents, training, reviews, employees, online inductions, hours, tasks, maintenance and more from a single location [...]

Supplier Manager2021-01-13T10:44:42+00:00

Task Manager

Automatic and manual task assignment. An overall picture of tasks and responsibilities. Giving suppliers their own portal to access to their job assignments. Capture actions and manage to completion from a range of different modules such as the Helpdesk, Incident Report, Risk Assessments, Assets, Au [...]

Task Manager2021-01-13T13:23:47+00:00
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